Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekend of Towers

Yesterday the young men and young women went on a hike to the wood tower. It ended up being the four missionaries along with Elder Flammer and the branch presidents family. His wife is the yw president and Eldre Flammer works with the young men. I was the designated driver of the food and drinks.

They hiked through the town and past some cool looking statues in Deak Ter.

We like this one of a lion.

Sopron is such a beautiful place.

It is great that they have these towers so everyone can enjoy seeing the city.

After the hike up the 100 stairs and back down we enjoyed a picnic.

Today we drove to another wood tower that is above Sopron.

The mission leader and his family took us there. He is giving Steve some good missionary advise.

Battle on the logs.

It was so beautiful and well worth the walk to get to it.

We could see the first wood tower from this one and also the Neusiedler See (lake).

I did ok as long as I looked out and not down. This family was having a picnic.

We could see several villages in Austria

I think they call this a bird's eye view.

We saw a couple of butterflies and had some finom (delicious) treats.

What a perfect day.

The walk back to the cars was very beautiful.

I'm glad that I live in this beautiful world and feel very lucky to see this part.

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  1. all I can say is let down you hair - love you