Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I've had a birthday shout hooray!

I was lucky enough to have yet another birthday. Steve surprised me with a birthday grapefruit. I was able to have enough breath to blow out THE candle. 

We then went for a birthday walk taking advantage of seeing the beautiful sites of  Sopron.

We found a swing made for older people who can't sit up anymore!

We were able to make it to one of our favorite paths and find our way home.

Some good friends surprised us with a cherry cake and muffins. 

When we went to  English Club on the Saturday before my birthday they surprised me with a yummy birthday cake from Austria.

And another cake that had fresh raspberries on it. Both were very delicious.

Eva also learned how to make rolls that days. We had one cake for an appetizer, rolls with strawberry jam for the main course and the last cake for dessert. One should try to have a balanced meal.

 If you are going to have a birthday Hungary is a very great place to celebrate it.

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  1. Yummy to all the cakes shown!! Glad you had a great day :)