Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Last time visits

We have so many interesting and beautiful things to see in Sopron that we want all the couples serving in Hungary to see them. The Hulberts, who serve in Szeged came for a visit. This is a picture at the Austrian Border.

This shows that they came back to Hungary.

We visited the Mitbras Shrine near the Austrian Border.

It was discovered in 1866 and renovated in 1992.

Because it was so close to the Austrian Border no one was allowed near it during the communist times.

 We visited Eva's garden. We never tire of seeing the beautiful gardens here.

We took what seemed like a much longer walk to the highest wooden tower.

It is so beautiful to look out over the landscape.

We can see Austria on three sides.

There is no better way to end the day than with an ice cream cone!

The Heaths stopped by the next day on their way home from Poland where they did some audits.

They wanted to see the Esterhazy Palace in Fertod where we visited Haydn. I am not sure what composition he has in his hand.

We had a great dinner at the Main Square. 

This was the view from our table.

We are sure lucky to be able to walk down these cobblestone streets. We will never forget Sopron.

We ended the evening with sparklers saved from Christmas. Happy Fourth of July!

We knew it was gong to be a great day when we saw the sunrise and the Cromars were visiting.

We were also able to share Eva's Garden with them.

This is the kind man that always makes us bouquets of flowers.

We walked to the short tower.

It offers a great view of Sopron.

Once again to Esterhazy. We didn't even have to pay for parking.

It is a great place. 

It would be a great place to play hide-n-seek.

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  1. I love going on adventures as you tour around. You will be so happy you did this blog. I know I am just to keep up with what you are doing.