Monday, January 28, 2013

Snow Drifts

This is what the road looked like as we drove to Szombathely yesterday where we spoke in church.

This is a huge pile of snow they removed from the road.

You can see why this road was closed last week during the storm.

 On the right of this picture there is a snow fence ( the orange strip). I guess the road would be worse without it.

We were very glad to get to Szombathely and back home!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

A LONG ride home from Szombathely

Yesterday we headed home to Sopron from our district meeting in Szombathely when we had to stop for a small problem ahead. When we were going to Szombathely we saw a Semi Truck that had slid off or was blown off the road just outside of Szombathely.

Little did we know that they would be trying to get it back on the road on our way home. We were only three cars back and would have had a great view if the vehicle in front of us hadn't been another semi.

At least we were close enough to know was going on, unlike the  hundreds of cars behind us.

We did have the company of three very fine elders. I sat in the back on the way back to Sopron because Elder Seegmiller couldn't hold his head upright without hitting the roof of the car. Elder Hansen and Elder Kreiberg would have had four inches more room if I would have taken my coat off but that is not going to happen until spring. It was only a half hour delay because of the truck incident. We had to go a little slower because of all the snow that that the wind put back on the road. We did make it and it felt really good to peel ourselves out of the car. We love our Opel!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Amazing People

Hungary is beautiful but the best part about living here is meeting the great people. It was Maritika nini's 83rd birthday yesterday and we took her some tulips. She was so appreciative and happy to visit. She speaks German so one of us understood the conversation.

She fixed us Sunday dinner last week and the food was great.

We are so lucky to get to be here with the branch members and our friends from our English Class and great younger elders. I also should add that I am lucky to be here with an "older" elder too.

Friday, January 18, 2013

More Snow

Steve is getting really good at this. I added more snow pictures to the sweep the snow blog below.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Let's Sweep some snow!

We woke up to see about five new inches of snow! This is the most snow we have seen on our car in a year.

Steve did a fine job of sweeping the tile steps which are plenty slick with rain or snow on them. So far we have been able to stay on our feet.

We thought we had snow on Monday but yesterday we really got some snow.

It just kept coming and people shoveled several times.

This is the house behind us. This picture is taken out our bedroom door.

It is hard to see but Steve shoveled a spot for our car when it comes home this morning and now it is drifted over again.

This picture is taken looking off our deck. It is fun to see the designs the wind makes.

As we are looking an enjoying the beauty of the storm I have to think that bear have to be the smartest of all animals. The only bad part is that they wouldn't get to see stuff like this.

Another good thing is that Steve is getting all the exercise he wants.

The finnished donkeys

We had a chance to visit the donkeys in Fertorakos in their final resting place.

This is the rest of the set. I love the lamb on the shepherd. I am really glad they didn't ask me to make Mary and Joseph.

or the three kings!

They made us proud and they got a birds eye view of  the whole nativity.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

District Meeting at our house

About once every six weeks we have district meeting at our house instead of driving to Szombathely. Working with the young elders is a definite plus in being in the mission field.

As the meeting began I noticed five safety pins holding the hem in one of the elders pants. Some people pin them on the inside. I didn't want to interrupt so we continued on with the meeting as I stitched. The bad part is that his leg fell asleep while I sewed.

After the meeting we had lunch consisting of pulled pork sandwiches, fried potatoes, carrot sticks, potato chips and pop.

Topped off with chocolate peanut butter chip cookies which the elders inhaled!

At the end of the day we saw our first rainbow in Sopron. It was so pretty that I am sure there must have been a pot of gold at each end. We sure do love our elders!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Decor in our home away from home

I love this set!

The Crommar's were able to get us a Hungarian nativity set from the lady that makes them that lives in Kaposvar. She was out of the cow and the donkey but we were able to find those at a gift shop in Sopron. Steve gave me the beautiful table cover for Christmas.

This is our cute little tree which was very adequate for our presents and our surprise Christmas socks. It is hard to think that we have been that good all year to get socks too! Ok, Santa didn't bring them, a very kind friend who only hears the good things we do sent them. 

Do you think the decorations in the bathroom are an overkill?
The tree was a little dusty so it had a shower.

Our wreath was so pretty with all four candles burning on the fourth Sunday reminding us of faith, hope, love and joy. Steve got really good with our Chinese lighter. My sister made the runner and it was perfect for the wreath. I actually decorated the wreath to match.

I have never had much luck with getting a Christmas Cactus to bloom but I figured that since this already had blossoms on it at the store that this might be the year. Yep, one blossom emerged! Poinsettia's on the other do well under my care, maybe I should change that to the past tense, did. Our poinsettia died two weeks before Christmas, usually I am trying to knock them off around Valentine Day. Flowers are very inexpensive here.

This is what Christmas trees can look like in Hungary!

Our home was filled with the Spirit of Christmas and a blog to help us remember 
Christmas 2012 in Hungary.