Saturday, December 29, 2012

Eggs in Hungary

I think that the eggs in Hungary are fresher than those in the states. It is impossible to buy a dozen but you can get ten.

This time we got more than we bargained for. 

I won't go into details as to why the feather is stuck to this egg. Lets just say that we really got more than we bargained for.

I didn't make this but I got to eat it. They really make some good dishes using eggs. I wish I liked eggs as much as Steve does.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012



On Christmas Eve the rumor has it that the grandparents take the grandchildren down to the central market while the parent put up and decorate the Christmas tree.  So my favorite companion and went down to see what was going on.

It was an amazing evening.  There was a heavy fog and it set such a wonderful atmosphere.  We actually saw very few people there, but following are some things that impressed me.  (You can see the mysterious phantom on the right side of the picture).. But she is very cute.

I will NEVER get tired of these statues on the buildings.  I LOVE them.

I love the OLD DOOR WAYS and the intricate moldings.  

These pictures show the fog.  What a wonderful setting for an evening walking around.  Don't you think this would be a wonderful setting for a thriller movie?

Again see the mysterious beauty.  You can see the lights on the building in the background.  This building had an advent calendar on it for each of the days.

These are the little building on the square where they sold things during the month of December.  They had programs every Friday and Saturday night. We went one night and there was a huge crowd.

I LOVE the cobblestone walkways.  I would love to have my driveway done in this, except I WOULD NOT like to shoved the snow off it.  You will notice most of the streets have this in this part of town.

It was such a peaceful atmosphere maybe like the night of the first Christmas.

This is a small park by some Roman ruins. 

One of the beautiful parts is that there we so few people around.  It was like we had the entire town to ourselves. 

We are now on the road that goes around the Centrum (Old part of town) of Sopron.   At no extra cost we are going to offer you a visual acuity test.  Can you see the man in the picture?  If you look carefully you can see him in front of us about 60 yards.  Notice the street light and the decorations.

This is a wall from the Roman ruins.  We have had this picture blogged before, but never in such a romantic atmosphere.  

Enjoy one more picture of the street. Notice the light in the middle.  I thought for weeks they were giraffes, but they are OBVIOUSLY  stars.  Some of us are just a little slower than others.

This is a Best Western Motel which owns the branch house we meet in.  I love it here so much.  It has been an amazing Christmas experience, not that we wouldn't want to be with the family.  Shauna and I tied 21 quilts and bound them and then delivered them to each of the members in our branch, both active and inactive.  It was an amazing experience.  Just one example:  we called an elderly sister and asked if we could visit her.  Many times we have called and she has turned us down.  We have visited her a couple of times, but most if the times she didn't want us.  So we invited the missionaries to go with us and we took her a quilt.  She was so appreciative of it.  Several times she repeated, "Nagyon csodalotos" (very wonderful.)  She said she had felt better after our visit, and she is going to have the missionaries come on Sunday nights for dinner.
Our hearts are full of love towards God and all men.  We love you all.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

This is the only thing to do in a missionary conference.  Prior to this we have some wonderful presentations by the Zone Leaders, the Assistants to the President, and President and Sister Smith.  
Then, came the food.  Shauna helped prepare some of it.  The sister in the blue is Sister Felsted, a YSA Leader with her husband, then is Sister Carpenter from the office and the other girl is a member helping out.

The food was very good and the company even better.

This happens to be one of my favorite elders.  He is Elder Jones, from Michigan, and a bright spot in anyone's life.  Elder Cox (in the back) is our new zone leader and gave some great instruction.

This is all of us engaging in my favorite pass time.  Who wouldn't want to be a part of this group?

These are the elders from our zone.  Shauna and I were in charge of a game, so we played "Fruitbasket", a longtime favorite of mine.  Just to be a part of these people is a  blessing beyond comprehension.  I can't say enough about President Smith and his wife.  They are amazing leaders and very spiritual. The couple on the left are the Heaths who helped with the West Zone Christmas Party. What a privilege to be here.

This is Elder Christensen.  He is the son of the bishop of Cathy and Mike's ward.  He is a good man.

This is Szent Istvan's Cathedral. (just so you appreciate the magnificence of my photography skills, these pictures were taken without the benefit of a flash).  There is a Christmas Market in the square just in front of this. 

The images  were projected on the side of the building and they were always moving. The technology was amazing, as least to me, being the technical genius that I am.

These were hanging on poles and trees.  Beautiful!!

This was in the middle of the square.  There is a small ice skating rink around this tree.

This is the world famous "Hard Rock Cafe" of Budapest.

This gentleman had a nose that looked and felt like mine.  It was very cold.  I guess he just walked around the place, catering mostly to younger children.

 A manger scene at the square.

These are wooden Christmas trees, or as they are known in Hungary Karacsony fa.  Shauna has ideas of me making some of them.  She forgets I have two left hands.

This is the view as we walked to the bus stop with the Heaths. It is just a block from their home. 

 This is a building that is for sale not far from where the Heath's live.  Anyone who is interested can give us a call.  I would love to walk through that.  Notice the garage, like many around, where people park their cars.  

The Heaths live in an apartment building that has garages like that.  This is the hallway that leads to their garage.  It is the second the last door, for those who are interested.

This picture was taken for Shelly.  Yes, there is a Claire's in Budapest in the Achon Shopping Center.
It is such a privilege to be here.  We are anticipating Christmas in three days.  What an amazing place to be at a time like this.  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

To buy a whip or not buy a whip, that is the question

We first saw the whipping stuff last May at the District Picnic. A member from Szombathely brought her whip and she was really good. She then let all the elders show off their talents. We were impressed with how well most of them could whip.

Come to find out, most of the elders buy a whip to take home from their mission 
as a souvenir. They practice on their p-day.

A couple of weeks ago the Elders wanted us to take them some place so they could whip. It was cold so I told Steve to take a picture.

It was much warmer to watch a video.

Some couples are taking a whip home for each of their grandchildren. I guess we could do that if they promised not to practice at grandma's house. It has disaster written all over it for the Flammer Clan.

He sees you when you're sleeping

Sometimes it is a good idea to cover all ones bases. Santa Clause came to visit at the primary party last week. I took advantage of seeing him and told him in Hungarian that I have tried
 to be really good this year. It must have worked because he brought me some candy on Sunday!
The key word is tried!!

Monday, December 3, 2012


One of the great things about being in Hungary is to taste many new things.

Naspolya's are one of the most interesting. They grow on a tree and in English they are called medlar. The dictionary  says that it is a small deciduous Eurasian tree of the rose family whose fruit resembles a crab apple and is used in preserves.

They each have five seeds in them which takes up a lot of room in the fruit.

To eat them one just peels off the top and suck out the fruit and spits out the seeds.

The texture resembles applesause and I don't even have to cook it.

This picture has nothing to do with nasplya's. It is a picture taken from our bedroom window this morning of the sunrise. What a beautiful world no matter where we are.

Szeged Here We come

We made an overnight stop in Budapest to pick up some "Humanitarian things" for the Szeged Branch Young Single Adults to give to an homeless shelter in Szeged.  There were eating items, sheets, and pillowcases. 

When we got there the Cromars, the couple on the left were there.  The Adams' couple, in the middle, were our hosts.  They took us to a town outside of Szeged where they have a museum of the communist occupation.  

These statues go down to the bottom, and you can see the feet below.

There were a lot of statues.

The museum talked a lot about what the communists did to destroy families and moral of the people.  

These are pictures of people who lost their lives from there.

Another statue. ( just in case you didn't know it.)

That night, after the Cromars left, we walked around a bit.  These are a few of the night pictures we took.

There was a bunch of vendors with their shops set up.  We walked around it a bit.

These are just a few of the interesting building we walked past the next day.

I love how ornate they are.

Especially this one!

I love the parks. 

This is where the sister missionaries live.  It is called the "Pink Palace." 

This is the Catholic Church in Szeged.  Following are pictues taken of it.

This tower is what remained after a flood in the late 1800's.  So they built the new church pictured above.


This used to be "the Water Tower" in Szeged.  They have refinished it and it is no longer used for water storage.

This tower is the only part of the original church that was not destroyed in the late 1890's by a flood. Actually 60% of the city of Szeged was destroyed by that flood. 

These two pictures above were taken outside of the Catholic Church.  I would really like to understand the significance of them.  

 They also had a flood in the early 2000s.  The water was just about a foot below the arch where the cars are going through beneath that bridge.  It's hard to imagine how much water that must be since all of the land around here is very flat. 

Now on to the Jewish Syn agog.

Naturally we had to pay to go there, PLUS the men had to put on a skull cap.

This is a partial list of Jews who were destroyed during the Holocaust.  It is sobering to think that each names represents one person taken to the concentration camps to be destroyed. 

This is what I LOVE about Europe, as especially Hungary.  The churches are certainly ornate, which tends to suggest where their priorities are.  I sure like to go in and look around.