Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gofri Night

What do you call game night when we serve waffles? You guessed it, Gofri Night.

It is one of the favorite things to eat. We make the Oh Boy Waffle recipe from my very old Better Homes and Garden Cook Book and serve them with nutella, whip cream banana's and sometimes strawberries if they are in season.

Good to the last bite!

Elder Bowen was excited because we had made some maple syrup from Mapleine. He was so excited to dive into his waffles.

But wait, what are those tiny creatures on his waffle? It turned out that they were ants and some of them were alive. I think  we have mentioned in an earlier post that we have an ant problem. They had actually crawled into the syrup container but we still don't know how.
Elder Bowen did not let a few ants keep him from his gofri. What a sport!

We had gofri's again last week. They are finom (delicious).

Yes, it is true, we love gofri night especially when it isn't ant season!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Favorite pictures of Sopron

This is a shot we took while at English Class at the Branch House. The plane is spraying for mosquitos. The green building in front is the movie theater. We love the ornate statues on each side of the top. They look like grapes that are overflowing.

I think this teeter totter is so cool. The seat are round that the kids are sitting on. We love seeing the children.

This is another picture taken from the Branch House. This just has a real feel for how old buildings are in Sopron!

This is a path that we walk on often it cuts through the block so we don't have to walk so far for exercise! 

This is one of our favorite roads to walk down. It shows the fire tower in the town. They have been working on repairs for over a year but it should be open soon so we can walk to the top.
We have sure come to love this town and its people.

What do Elders look like after Sunday dinner?

Elder Abrok and Elder Alldredge after eating Sunday dinner!

Elder Abrok doing his best to stay on the couch!

Elder Alldredge claims he has gained seven pounds since coming to Sopron.

I was a little disappointed that they could not even eat a brownie. This post is really for their moms so they can see how healthy their sons are.  It is a good thing that they took a brownie to eat on their walk home.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another Elder with a birthday

Elder Abrok turned 22 on September 5th. We told him he could choose any place he wanted to go for his birthday. He picked McDonald's.

We hadn't been there for awhile and it does taste like the McDonald's food in America which I might add we didn't eat in America. We had three trays full of food! It looks like I am trying to get him to drink his pop but I just wanted a little more proof that we were in McDonald's.

Here we go, drink, fries and two hamburgers!

Elder Flammer and Elder Bowen doing their part!

The next night we celebrated again at the English class with a cake and 22 candles.

Is the frosting good Elder Flammer?

I hope the wish was a good one because he got all the candles out in one blow.
Happy Birthday Elder Abrok.

The next day the Szombathely Elders came to Sopron for the district meeting instead of us going to them.

We had a great meeting and then we fed them lunch before they got back to their missionary work.   We are sure lucky to get to work with so many great missionaries.

The next day was some R & R at the Puskas Restaurant in the centrum.

Steve has reverted back to his European style of eating (fork in his left hand). His dish was pork, potatoes, fried onions and paprika and bits of ham. Our days of eating outside are numbered. Fall is in the air in Sopron and we won't talk about what season follows fall.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Budapest Couple's Confernce

We had a "Couples Conference" in Budapest where all the senior couples got together.  We were were taken to some of the amazing sights in Budapest.  It was fun to meet several new couples and get to know them better.  (There are a lot of new faces).   

They took us to three places,  "Heroes Square",  a Castle, and "Saint Istvan's Cathederal."
We'll start with Heroes Square.  The pictures above are taken from there.

I'm not entirely sure who most of the heroes were, but the statues were impressive.  While Hungary was under Soviet rule, they had statues of Stalin and other Soviet heroes.  Once Hungary got their freedom they pulled those statues down and they are in a pile of dead statues somewhere.

As always I am enchanted by the buildings and statues.  We went through this gate to get in, AND it didn't cost us anything.  (I love it when a plan comes together.)

This is the Vajdahunyad Castle.  I have no idea what it was or is, but the architecture is beautiful, as are the grounds.   

 I always look at these old buildings and imagine what is was like when it was first built.  

The above are just some random pictures I took of it.  They are so enchanting to me.

These are a couple of statues on the grounds.  I'm not sure what this one above represents.  

For the castle in present-day Hunedoara, Romania, see Hunyad Castle.
Vajdahunyad Castle (HungarianVajdahunyad vára) is a castle in the City Park of BudapestHungary. It was built between 1896 and 1908 as part of the Millennial Exhibition which celebrated the 1000 years of Hungary since the Hungarian Conquest of the Carpathian Basin in 896. The castle was designed by Ignác Alpár to feature copies of several landmark buildings from different parts the Kingdom of Hungary, especially the Hunyad Castle in Transylvania (now in Romania). As the castle contains parts of buildings from various time periods, it displays different architectural styles: Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. Originally it was made from cardboard and wood, but it became so popular that it was rebuilt from stone and brick. Today it houses the Agricultural Museum.
The statue of Anonymus is also displayed in the castle court. Anonymus lived in the 12th century (his true identity is unknown, but he was a notary of Béla III of Hungary), who wrote the chronicle Gesta Hungarorum (Deeds of the Hungarians). The castle also contains a statue of Béla Lugosi Just in case you want to know.


This is Saint Istvan (Saint Stephen) Cathederal in Budapest.  He was a hero from the end of the ninth  century to the middle of the tenth.  It is a huge cathederal  and very beautiful inside.  It is purported to be one of the biggest in Hungary.  

These are just some random pictures I took. Everything was so beautiful. There were several Japanese tour groups in there with us.

They have a hand in a shrine that is supposed to be his.  Obviously it was sacred thing to them. It didn't look so good after hundreds of years.

Someone came up with the idea of PAYING to climb the 302 steps to the towers. It was well worth the trip and the pain.  

This looks down into the square I was standing in to get the picture of the church.  If you look on the left side just by the shadow towards the top of the picture you can see Elder Adams waving to us.  

I took this because look at the church steeples you can see in the distance.  There are a lot of churches here.

I love the architecture.

Obviously we are going to eat somewhere.  The Strudel House was a great choice.

                             I just got this picture of kids playing in a fountain in the city.

                                     The building on the right is the American Embassy.

 I couldn't resist to include this picture taken out of our bedroom door of the sunrise.  It is a glorious world we live in.