Sunday, June 24, 2012

Survival of the Fittest!

We have discovered a new form of getting fit now that the elders have taken their bikes back. It is a game we play called Stamp the Ants! I am not sure the ants like it as much as we do. The rules are that the ants scurry out from under the cabinet and we stomp on them. They try all different strategies with us like running out two at a time,sending their fastest runner, running in crooked lines but the only time they are successful is when they get back under the cabinet.

One of our newest tactics is to sweep them to the center of the room so that they can't get back under the cabinet. We hardly get a chance to visit during our meals as we are so intent to remain the victor.

Piano Lessons

Zsuzsa and I spend an hour or so each week where I try to teach her how to play the piano. It is hard for her because she doesn't have much time to practice. Each lesson is kind of like Ground Hog Day. She is a better student than I am a teacher. Last week's lesson got really good when Marika brought us a little cup of ice cream. It doesn't get better than this!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bike Ride in the forest!

 Exercise has been the thing we have been slacking on since we have come to Hungary. We are suppose to be doing something other than getting out of bed every day. We borrowed the bikes from the elders since they never used them and our friend Tibor fixed them up with new pedals and a new sprocket on one of them so we are set to go.

 We actually rode them a couple of times in May before we figured out that mine needed a new sprocket. This morning was great with both bikes more ready than one of the riders to take off.

I haven't ridden a bike as much as Steve and I these logs near the top of the mountain made a fine bed! Pant, pant!

Our goal is to find the radio tower which everyone can see from miles around only today somebody moved it!

Steve saw a snake, I didn't bother to stop and see it.

We both saw the ant hill, (this picture is for you Britt) we would never have noticed it if I hadn't had to stop and rest.

This forest is just a 1/2 mile from our home. We can believe how lucky we are to be so close to something so beautiful.

This trail is really close to our home, so we can walk and jog on this when the weather is nice.

They have nice benches where very nice people sit!

If you look close in this picture you can see the radio tower in the middle, I sure don't know where they put it today, but tomorrow is another day and we will try to find it  again tomorrow.

Right after I posted this we found out that the new elder wants to use the bikes, Drat!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Two baptisms in Sopron

On May 5th Tunda was baptized by Elder Bullock. Her mother joined the church in March while they were living in Italy. They returned to Sopron because she no longer had work. Tunda liked what she saw while coming to church and had the lessons.

These are the people that came to the baptism which was in the hot tub at the hotel.

On June 16th Robert was baptized by Peter, the counselor in the branch. Robert has been having lessons since February. He is a very nice man.

This is a picture of the branch members who came.

Robert has a very nice wife and daughter. 

This is the parking garage that we enter to get to the hot tub. It is a short walk from the branch house.
We are vert excited for the two newest members of the Sopron Branch!

Just can't get enough of the storks!

We had a speaking assignment in Szombathely on Sunday so we got to drive through several villages to get there. I love to look and see how many storks I can see. Sometimes we see some in the fields but Steve drives way to fast for me to get a picture .

This one has babies it it. I bet the nest gets a little crowded come bedtime!
Storks in Hungary, what a sight!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Strawberry Fields Forever

On Wednesday Ande, a member in our branch, took us to the strawberry patch in Baf so we could pick strawberries for jam. Steve discovered that he could pick and talk at the same time.

Multitasking at its finest. We each picked a good size bucket, enough to make 16 cups of freezer jam and have some to eat. They are delicious.
It was a fun even if we were a little stiff the next day.

Today our friend Tibor gave us a basket full of cherries. They are pretty enough for a picture and very good to eat. We love fresh fruit and good friends.

Celebrating our 42nd Anniversary in Hungary

After church on Sunday we headed to Szekesfehervar to have an outing with our missionary friends, the Cromars. They came to the mission about a month after us and we bonded with them while we were all waiting for two hours to get our residency cards. They are from California and are really smart because they could say the name of the city they live in shortly after they got here. Sister Cromar fixed a delicious dinner and then they took us on a walk through their city to see many beautiful things. I forgot to take our camera so we will need to make that walk again. They purchased an air mattress that was great.

This monument was on a hill in Szekesfehervar and tells about the Hungarian Constitution was declared in 1222 and is called Golden Bull.

We then went to Bory Castle and toured the grounds. He was a famous sculpture that lived here in the summers and add on a addition each year. He taught in Budapest.

This is part of the back yard!

I loved this one of me trying to make Steve smile!

We then drove to Herend where we took a tour of the Herend Porcelain Factory.

Each piece is made by hand.

The workers get paid by the piece. I am quite sure if I worked here I would owe them money by the end of the day.

Notice the small holes in the pieces on the shelf. They are all done by hand.

This was our guide who spoke English. There was a family of four from Russia who understood English I think. Maybe she did the tour in English because we out ranked them in weight and age!

 We wandered through the museum and saw lots of pretty porcelain which came with a very pretty price.

This is the pattern that was created for Prince William and Kate for a wedding present from the country of Hungary. How come people that could afford this stuff get it given to them? We must hang out with the wrong group of people. jk

Steve did get me a piece since it was our anniversary, isn't it lovely?

Ok, this is what I got. In each one of this style, they paint a golden necklace in different spots. I love this and it was only 4300 forint ($17).

We couldn't find a place to eat, I think Mr. Herend bought out the town so we drove to Ajka and  Richard and Judy treated us to a surprisingly delicious meal at a pizzeria which happened to have a picture of Marilyn Monroe on the wall.
A good time was had by all.